Wednesday, August 1, 2007

People Come, People Go

We had a farewell lunch for a colleague today. I was the last to know about his resignation and when my other colleagues asked me whether I wanted to join them, I looked a bit confused and asked "Farewell??...for who???"

Anyway, people coming and people going are such "natural" occurrences in the working world. I have heard of a few ex-colleagues from my previous company who have resigned and are starting on their new jobs; and those who have not, are on a lookout for better opportunities.

I guess at the end of the day, we are all just on the quest to find something that we want from our it more money, higher position, more free time, more job satisfaction or just to get away from the sucky boss....

Pity the bosses though...cos when a staff leaves (okay, okay ...when a good staff leaves), there is this vacant position to be filled. It's usually not easy to find the perfect candidate and even if found, this person will need some time to get up to pace. Sometimes I am glad I do not need to worry about things like this anymore...mmm...except maybe more work load may be dumped onto me..... OH NOOOOOOO!!!!

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