Friday, June 24, 2011

Be@rbrick Series 22

Be@rbrick Series 22 is out today and selling at Action City, The Gardens.

They are having this launch promotion called "LuckyPick of 6" where you buy 6 blind boxes for the price of RM100 and depending on how many duplicates you get, they will give you a free gift. Oh.. and by default you'll get a free 70% Pepsi Nex be@rbrick.

If you get 3 of the same ones, you will get another blind box for free. If you get 4 duplicates, they will give you a 400% be@rbrick! How interesting is that?!!! This promotion is only until end of July 2011.

Unfortunately for me, I only got 2 duplicates i.e. the Jellybean. I was hoping to get the Green Lantern one from one of the 6 blind boxes, but luck with that.

I got
1) Animal theme which is from a Japanese TV show's mascot. I think it's rather ugly though.
2) 2 from the Jellybean theme. Very light color which made it very uninteresting.
3) Basic "R". I really love the shiny gold color although I am not so crazy about the letter's font.
4) Flag theme. From all the series that I have, I can say that the flag theme is never been a favorite of mine.
5) Sci-Fi theme which is really cool. Part of the head is translucent.

So will I go for another "LuckyPick of 6"? Don't think so. The be@rbrick fever has cool down for me, which I think is a good thing considering the amount of money I have spent on them. However I will definitely still buy them now and then especially when I see those designs which I really like.

Anyway, Happy 10 years Anniversary, be@rbrick!