Monday, February 28, 2011

4 more be@rbricks for the month

I am addicted! A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D!!!!!

After getting a set of 7 be@rbricks from Series 19, I again spent some money to get 4 be@rbricks from the same ebay seller today.

They are Basic C and Artist Krooked from Series 20, and Cute Shoko and Animal Jimmy Liao from Series 19.

Okay, okay.. I know I need to control my addiction. So 4 more for this month and that's it for February 2011. :-) Note the date of this post, hehehe.

Seriously, I do need to control my purchase of the be@rbricks. I should come out with a budget on the limit that I can spend on them each month.

Goodness, I never know a hobby can be so addictive... but it felt soooooooo good!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be@rbrick Series 20

Purchased these Series 20 be@rs from ebay Malaysia, and collected them COD (Cash On Delivery) at Bandar Sunway just now.

I particularly like the Ironman one a lot.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be@rbrick Series 19 - Ugly Doll & Star Trek

Met up a be@rbrick collector whom I got to know from Lowyat forum today to trade 2 of my duplicate be@rbricks from Series 21 with his 2 from Series 19.

The ones that I got from him are the Ugly Doll from the Horror theme and Star Trek from Sci-Fi (SF) theme.

I actually ordered 1 from the Cute theme and 1 from the Sci-Fi theme, but he mixed up the Cute theme with Horror theme. Oh well, the Ugly Doll's be@rbrick is pretty cute too, so I don't mind.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get the chance to trade my remaining duplicates with those from other series.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collection boxes for my be@rbricks

After getting inspiration from the internet, off I went to The Curve at lunch time today to get this.

This is a collection box from Daiso, Japan. It's only RM5 per box and is tall enough to contain the be@rbricks. 100% be@rbrick is about 7cm in height.

There are many types of collection boxes available but I like this one because it has this stair type base that allow the be@rs behind to be slightly elevated.

You can even stack them up to save space!

This is definitely a cheaper alternative from those custom Kubrick/Bearbrick display boxes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be@rbrick Series 21 box of 24

This is the scenario:
1) You are collecting be@rbrick series 21.
2) One individual box cost you RM19.80 (price as per Action City, The Gardens)
3) One big box of 24 individual boxes cost you RM360 (price as per XL-Shop)

So would you continue to buy the individual boxes or one big box? A no brainer that it's more worth it to get the big box of 24 right?

... and that's what I did.

I ordered a box from XL-Shop and it took a few days to be delivered to their store in Midvalley where I collected it today.

Apparently that's the last box that XL-Shop has, so I guess I am lucky. I inquired Action City before and they are selling the box of 24 for RM420!

Sometimes I wonder whether Action City mark up their prices a lot! Oh well, they have the largest stock of be@rbricks to sell... so I guess there's not many other alternatives for be@rbrick lovers.

So when I got home, I couldn't wait to see what be@rbricks that I got. Initially I told myself that I would just open 3 of the individual boxes and leave the rest for other days.

However after starting with the first one, it just continued on and on and on....

The % availability of a design of the be@rbricks is based on 1 carton, which consist of 4 boxes of 24. So this means that unless you buy a carton, you will most probably unable to get the whole of the series' designs. However by doing so, you will end up with a lot of duplicates as well.

So my plan is to see what I get from my box of 24, and the remaining ones would need to be sourced online.

The following are the new be@rbricks to my collection...

There are some duplicate ones as well which I will either sell or trade in the forums.

My collection result so far..

Besides the ones listed on the box, there are 9 other designs that are called "Secret". I got 2 of them: Superman from the Hero theme and Teatime (Karel Capek) from the Animal theme.

So this is how my collection look like for now.

I like them sooo much. Gosh... I feel like a 6 years old kid again..*blush*. However I need to reiterate. All these collectible toys are collected by adults (me!) and are not for child's play!

My favourites are:

Top: From basic theme. There are 9 of such basic bears with one alphabet that made up the word "be@rbrick" on their chest.
Bottom: Superman & Batman from the Hero theme, Eric Haze from the Artist theme and Barbie from the cute theme.

I am sure my collection will continue to grow as I can feel so much passion and excitement with them. Although it's not so good for the pocket, it really did help in lifting my spirit. A very good stress reliever after a hard day at work. :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen for Axel

All this while, Axel would be caged up whenever I go out of my apartment.  I have tried letting him out before but he would get all panicky and made a lot of noise. As my apartment doesn't allow us to keep pets, I would need for Axel to be very quiet.

So I never changed the routine of having him in his cage when I need to leave my apartment. However I did feel guilty for leaving him in that cage for a long period of time every day.

Recently I conducted the experiment again to see whether he would get used to a bigger space when he is alone. I used a baby gate to cordon my kitchen's area up. His cage has always been in that area. I let the cage's door opened and then I left, but loitered around outside for a while to make sure that he didn't cook up a storm. It worked! He didn't make any noise. Hooray! When I got back, he was waiting patiently for me behind the baby gate.

So now, Axel has the kitchen area all for himself. I threw in some toys for him too... in case he got bored of sleeping.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First 3 be@rbricks

I knew it wouldn't be long. I went to Action City at The Gardens just now and got myself my first 3 be@rbricks. They are from the latest series i.e. Series 21.

Be@rbrick series are sold in blind boxes, meaning that you do not know which be@rbrick you'll get until you open the box. I bought 3, each costing me RM19.80 and thank goodness I got 3 different ones.

They are Prodigy (from the Pattern theme), Twin Peaks (from the Horror theme) and Karel Capek (from the Animal theme).

Now that I am obsessed with them, I do find them so gorgeous. Can't wait for my collection to grow.


Oh No! I am obsessed! I have been spending the past 3 hours scouring the internet for information on be@rbrick and their series.

There are 21 series altogether now. How la to catch up??? Somemore they are not that cheap. Am even thinking about getting a glass cabinet from Ikea to place my future collection.

You know what's scary? The fact that I am already obsessed when I haven't even own one yet!

I'm screwed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fatlace Be@rbrick

After getting my Mini Android collectible and liking the feeling, I know I am in trouble. I knew then that I would be getting a new hobby - collecting all these collectible toys!

I tried narrowing the scope by going through what's popular out there and my oh my... there are so many collectible toys that are soooo cute. By the way, most of the collectors are adults okay?!.... so this is not really child's play.

I came across be@rbrick and I remember seeing them before. They are pretty interesting!

Well in whatever you do, you need to take the first step right? So after reading and researching about them a little from the net, I came across this exclusive edition of be@rbrick called the Fatlace Be@rbrick.

It's a project between the online store Fatlace with MediCom Toy, which is the producer of Be@rbrick. Pretty nice, don't you think?

So what is there to wait leh? Continue with online purchase lo. The toy itself is USD15 but shipping cost another USD10.64. So I paid around RM80 to get it.

After the excitement of online shopping, it's now the excitement of waiting for my very first be@rbrick to arrive.

Geez, I think I am in trouble...

Mini Android Collectible

After hacking my HTC HD2 to try on Android ROMs, I have become a fan of Android. This operating system is so much fun as compared to Windows Mobile 6.5 that HTC HD2 originally came with!

So naturally as a fan, I got excited when I came across this site selling Android collectible figurines. However the problem is they are located in US and either do not ship elsewhere or the shipping costs is more expensive that the collectibles themselves. Oh... and they are always out of stock!

Recently when I found out that there is a local reseller called takenshop, I got very excited and straightaway placed my order online to get one of these cute Android figurines. The local reseller does not have as many varieties but I believe it is a start. It cost me RM28.80 for the figurine + RM5 for shipping. 2 days after that, I received my Mini Android Collectible!! It is soooo cute and I foresee this is a start of a new hobby.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat Pray Love

No, no... this post is not a review of the movie although I must say that it's a really good and inspiring one.

It's like... how nice if I could do that. Just let go of everything and go on a journey to re-discover myself. Unfortunately it's not so easy. Where do you get the money to do that? What happens when your savings run out? See!... I'm not really a risk taker, that's why I have so many of these questions in mind.

So for me, Eat Pray Love seems too impossible, but it inspired me to think of making changes to my life, ...... well maybe small changes. :-)

It's been a while since I have the feeling of moving somewhere and start anew. Then questions such as "Are you too old to be making these changes now?", "What if it doesn't work out?" would start to surface. Again all these questions defeated me.

So will I be in the same place, doing the same things, complaining about the same situations in the next few years time? Hopefully the inspiration I got from this movie is stronger than I thought... and that there will be some good changes to my life soon.

Resurrection... again

It's been almost 1 year that I have posted anything in this blog. It's such a shame to let it die but at the same time, I have been holding on to some stuff that I wanted to rant about, basically because some things are better not publicise out when this is a public blog as you do not know who would be reading it. Well also with the difficulties that in order to blog via blogger, you need to be in front of your computer as there is no mobile apps for you to do that.

However my discovery of a new mobile app for android sort of jolt me back to this blogging bandwagon again. I am using it to blog now. So hopefully the resurrection works this time around!