Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen for Axel

All this while, Axel would be caged up whenever I go out of my apartment.  I have tried letting him out before but he would get all panicky and made a lot of noise. As my apartment doesn't allow us to keep pets, I would need for Axel to be very quiet.

So I never changed the routine of having him in his cage when I need to leave my apartment. However I did feel guilty for leaving him in that cage for a long period of time every day.

Recently I conducted the experiment again to see whether he would get used to a bigger space when he is alone. I used a baby gate to cordon my kitchen's area up. His cage has always been in that area. I let the cage's door opened and then I left, but loitered around outside for a while to make sure that he didn't cook up a storm. It worked! He didn't make any noise. Hooray! When I got back, he was waiting patiently for me behind the baby gate.

So now, Axel has the kitchen area all for himself. I threw in some toys for him too... in case he got bored of sleeping.

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