Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be@rbrick Series 21 box of 24

This is the scenario:
1) You are collecting be@rbrick series 21.
2) One individual box cost you RM19.80 (price as per Action City, The Gardens)
3) One big box of 24 individual boxes cost you RM360 (price as per XL-Shop)

So would you continue to buy the individual boxes or one big box? A no brainer that it's more worth it to get the big box of 24 right?

... and that's what I did.

I ordered a box from XL-Shop and it took a few days to be delivered to their store in Midvalley where I collected it today.

Apparently that's the last box that XL-Shop has, so I guess I am lucky. I inquired Action City before and they are selling the box of 24 for RM420!

Sometimes I wonder whether Action City mark up their prices a lot! Oh well, they have the largest stock of be@rbricks to sell... so I guess there's not many other alternatives for be@rbrick lovers.

So when I got home, I couldn't wait to see what be@rbricks that I got. Initially I told myself that I would just open 3 of the individual boxes and leave the rest for other days.

However after starting with the first one, it just continued on and on and on....

The % availability of a design of the be@rbricks is based on 1 carton, which consist of 4 boxes of 24. So this means that unless you buy a carton, you will most probably unable to get the whole of the series' designs. However by doing so, you will end up with a lot of duplicates as well.

So my plan is to see what I get from my box of 24, and the remaining ones would need to be sourced online.

The following are the new be@rbricks to my collection...

There are some duplicate ones as well which I will either sell or trade in the forums.

My collection result so far..

Besides the ones listed on the box, there are 9 other designs that are called "Secret". I got 2 of them: Superman from the Hero theme and Teatime (Karel Capek) from the Animal theme.

So this is how my collection look like for now.

I like them sooo much. Gosh... I feel like a 6 years old kid again..*blush*. However I need to reiterate. All these collectible toys are collected by adults (me!) and are not for child's play!

My favourites are:

Top: From basic theme. There are 9 of such basic bears with one alphabet that made up the word "be@rbrick" on their chest.
Bottom: Superman & Batman from the Hero theme, Eric Haze from the Artist theme and Barbie from the cute theme.

I am sure my collection will continue to grow as I can feel so much passion and excitement with them. Although it's not so good for the pocket, it really did help in lifting my spirit. A very good stress reliever after a hard day at work. :-)

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