Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fatlace Be@rbrick

After getting my Mini Android collectible and liking the feeling, I know I am in trouble. I knew then that I would be getting a new hobby - collecting all these collectible toys!

I tried narrowing the scope by going through what's popular out there and my oh my... there are so many collectible toys that are soooo cute. By the way, most of the collectors are adults okay?!.... so this is not really child's play.

I came across be@rbrick and I remember seeing them before. They are pretty interesting!

Well in whatever you do, you need to take the first step right? So after reading and researching about them a little from the net, I came across this exclusive edition of be@rbrick called the Fatlace Be@rbrick.

It's a project between the online store Fatlace with MediCom Toy, which is the producer of Be@rbrick. Pretty nice, don't you think?

So what is there to wait leh? Continue with online purchase lo. The toy itself is USD15 but shipping cost another USD10.64. So I paid around RM80 to get it.

After the excitement of online shopping, it's now the excitement of waiting for my very first be@rbrick to arrive.

Geez, I think I am in trouble...

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