Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Ugly

I know when you do a nice thing for someone, you should not ask for anything in return... but I believe every decent human being should have the basic courtesy of saying "Thank you". I unfortunately get to meet 2 human beings that looked very well presented, but without any basic courtesy today.

What happened was I went toSummit Square for gym this afternoon, yeah... I should be rejoicing as going to gym is a very HUGE achievement for me. So after my gym session, I took the lift to B2 to put my bag and shoes into the car, after which I would walk around Summit Square to look for lunch.

After placing my bag and shoes in my car's boot, I headed back to the lift. As I was getting into it, I saw these 2 pretty girls walking from where their car was towards the same lift. They were from some distance away but wanting to be nice, I held the door and waited for them.

They walked in, continued to talk to each other and didn't even acknowledge that I was there, as if I was their freaking door man! I was so pissed. When the lift reached G floor, again I held the door and let them out first. They just walked out, not even looking at me.

I shook my head, went out and proceeded to look for my lunch.

People can be pretty on the outside, but with such bad manners... they are just pieces of shit!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am breaking up ...

Yes... after 15 months together, I have decided to call it quits. This relationship is no longer working for me. I can't cope with the empty promises and the unreliability anymore.

Yes... this is the end for us... Mr Yellow Man!

I dunno, perhaps I just got tired of you. Tired of getting all the SMSes telling me that I have missed calls from this number or that number although my phone was turned on at all times. Tired of getting my conversation cut off abruptly when I was travelling along my usual route to and from work. Tired of receiving all the spam messages EVERY morning.

You used to be much better. I was happy with you for a while... and then things changed. Was it me? ... Was it you?...

Perhaps it's also because there is a someone else... someone in blue called Celcom. I know they can be pretty sucky too but at least their reception is much better than yours! At least I could still text in my office's toilet!

Also, they are too seductive to resist with this:

So although I am having you both now... it's a matter of time when I make our breakup official (i.e. after I get a chance to go to one of those DiGi centres).

Goodbye Mr Yellow Man (aka DiGi).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is it dead?

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. Guess I was really running out of inspiration on things to write, or it could be the case that laziness got the best of me.

So is it dead? I asked myself that question too.

On one hand, the enthusiasm is no longer there but on another, I felt it's such a shame to close it down.

I know I don't really have that many readers to be in this dilemma, but then again, I remembered that I started this blog for myself. Call me a narcissist all you want, but I do go back to all my previous posts and read them again one by one. They serve like a flashback to me.

So is it dead?

No, not today.