Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am breaking up ...

Yes... after 15 months together, I have decided to call it quits. This relationship is no longer working for me. I can't cope with the empty promises and the unreliability anymore.

Yes... this is the end for us... Mr Yellow Man!

I dunno, perhaps I just got tired of you. Tired of getting all the SMSes telling me that I have missed calls from this number or that number although my phone was turned on at all times. Tired of getting my conversation cut off abruptly when I was travelling along my usual route to and from work. Tired of receiving all the spam messages EVERY morning.

You used to be much better. I was happy with you for a while... and then things changed. Was it me? ... Was it you?...

Perhaps it's also because there is a someone else... someone in blue called Celcom. I know they can be pretty sucky too but at least their reception is much better than yours! At least I could still text in my office's toilet!

Also, they are too seductive to resist with this:

So although I am having you both now... it's a matter of time when I make our breakup official (i.e. after I get a chance to go to one of those DiGi centres).

Goodbye Mr Yellow Man (aka DiGi).

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