Sunday, September 15, 2013

Me, a gangster??

Yesterday at the parking lot of mom's apartment, youngest bro-in-law & I got stopped by 2 policemen in their police car.

Apparently these policemen were doing random check. So we, being at the "right" place at the "right" time, got spotted as we got off my car.

This has never happened to me before, so for a while there I was having fixed emotions from panic to being irritated to anger. We (and my car) practically got body searched, very much like what they do to criminals on TV. Maybe I should be thankful they didn't do strip search & ask us to squat or something.

After that, the policemen filled up some forms as records of the search, reminded my bro-in-law to always bring his passport with him (he is a Singaporean), and left us alone.

Funny how although we know for sure we haven't done anything wrong, there was still a sense of panic. Maybe because the policemen were carrying their guns during the whole process; maybe we were suspicious of their authenticity; or maybe just on whether they would nitpick so that they can get something from us. See la on how confident we are of our police force.

Later in the evening, after conveying the whole incident to my family, another bro-in-law said that perhaps that was a part of the operation to clamp down on gangsterism, something which the government has publicly announced.

Now, now... do I look like a gangster?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New gadget, perhaps?

I have been known to my friends as someone who changes mobile phones every year. Well those were very long time ago.

My current phone is Galaxy Note which was released 2 years ago. When I first used that, friends were smirking or laughing seeing me holding such a big phone to my ear. They would make jokes that I looked funny holding an iron to my face.

Then bigger screens phablets came along (ex: Galaxy Note 8.0) which some people still use them as a phone without the bluetooth headset. So putting my Galaxy Note to the ear no longer looks ridiculous as big screens have become a norm.

Recently Samsung launched their products for 2013 lineup. I am tempted again by one of them. This will be my new gadget, perhaps?