Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Android Collectible

After hacking my HTC HD2 to try on Android ROMs, I have become a fan of Android. This operating system is so much fun as compared to Windows Mobile 6.5 that HTC HD2 originally came with!

So naturally as a fan, I got excited when I came across this site selling Android collectible figurines. However the problem is they are located in US and either do not ship elsewhere or the shipping costs is more expensive that the collectibles themselves. Oh... and they are always out of stock!

Recently when I found out that there is a local reseller called takenshop, I got very excited and straightaway placed my order online to get one of these cute Android figurines. The local reseller does not have as many varieties but I believe it is a start. It cost me RM28.80 for the figurine + RM5 for shipping. 2 days after that, I received my Mini Android Collectible!! It is soooo cute and I foresee this is a start of a new hobby.

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