Thursday, August 9, 2007

Going Away.. for a while

Yippee!!!! My leave application for next week is approved! This means I will be out of the country this weekend until next Tuesday!! My destination - Singapore. I know it's really not a big deal.... Singapore being so near and all but well, that's the best I could do with a short extended weekend.

Anyhow, I do like Singapore. The public transport is just so convenient, the city is just so clean, and things are just so systematic there.... exactly the way I like them. I am hoping one day, I will finally get a job there and experience life in Singapore as an expat, rather than just a tourist. I do have many friends from here who are working there and they all seem to be doing well.

Merlion, the symbol of Singapore

Nowadays there are so many comfortable options to Singapore and back. If you have lots of money to spare, you can always fly. You can also drive down as the journey from KL to Singapore takes only about 4 hours. For those people who are without much of money to throw around and hates driving long distance like me, you can always take the coaches. There are so many different type of executive coaches with comfortable seats and plenty of leg space. All these executive coaches come with attendants (just don't expect pretty stewardesses in tight clothing!) and meals. Some even come with individual TV screens!

There is also the option of taking the night train with sleeping bunks. I tried the train before and the journey took too long (about 10 hours) and I had a hard time sleeping due to the know, the "choo choo ging gung ging gung" throughout the whole journey.... So I doubt I will be doing that again.

Sleeping bunks in the night train

This time around, I will "tumpang" Gan's car to Singapore as he is now stationed there for a few years. Then I will take an executive coach, Aeroline to come back. I have used Aeroline before and was quite satisfied with their services. As I booked a one way ticket from SG->PJ, it cost me higher with the exchange rate. I have to pay RM113 for that. If I am to buy ticket from PJ/KL to SG and back, they only cost RM80+ each way.

The important thing is that I am going away...even for a while and hopefully I will be fully rejuvenated by the time I come back to the hustle and bustle of work. Perhaps my neck pain will go away by then too!

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