Friday, August 3, 2007

I should really be sleeping

I should really be sleeping right now. However due to working late and getting home only around 10ish 11ish, I tend to want to spend more time with myself (well..with my dog as well) and do the personal things I like to do...such as reading other people's blogs.

I guess after more than 10 hours in the office everyday lately, nothing relaxes me more than to just chill on my bed with my laptop on a pillow, on my lap. I find reading blogs to be rather interesting... it's like you get a peek at someone else's life. Hmm...yeah yeah yeah...I admit. It all boils back down to me being a "kaypoh" (busybody).

Work been really stressful lately... timeline is around the corner, client is still an A-hole and things seem to still be a little messy. Perhaps many people would think of leaving under this circumstances, but not me at the moment. I guess I know I can learn so much from the situation itself. Besides, there are still a lot of technical knowledge that my current job can offer. So far I have been more of a functional person than a technical one... and I think I should balance them both.

Well, I should really be sleeping now. It's already 1am and I have another full working day (and perhaps the weekends as well) to get through.

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