Friday, August 31, 2007

Family's House

As of today, my parents are officially "migrated" to Klang Valley from my hometown, Raub. Raub is a small town in Pahang and is about 1.5 hours away from KL. It is famous for its peanuts, gold mines (long time ago...and no, my family wasn't involved in anyway) and durian orchards.

My parents have sold off the house which we have stayed in since 1990. The decision for my parents to relocate came about when we felt that it would be better for everyone if they were nearer to us. In any case of emergency, it would be faster for us to reach them. After all, my parents are already in their 60s and my dad is still weak after suffering a minor stroke 2 years ago. So after some considerations, they decided to sell off the house back in Raub and get an apartment unit nearby my 2nd sister and her family.

The paperworks were at last finalised and the buyer will be taking over the house next week. So this morning, I went back with my 2nd sister and my nephew to pick up my parents and to do the final packing.

Although I seldom went back to my hometown since working here except for festive seasons, there was this strange feeling being back today. Perhaps cause I know that today would be the last day that house served as our home. I guess my mom felt a lot too as it was given to her by my grandfather. There were just so much memories...

Here are the last looks of our home in Raub. The next time we see it, it would already be different.

Our ex-home

Living Room

Dining Area
Parents' Working Area

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