Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Different Choices, Different Paths

Yesterday I was telling my colleagues about my previous job hunting experiences long time ago when I was jobless for a few months after quitting a job which I hated so darn much. I used to refer to that hated company as "hell hole".

Fiery Hell

"Get me out of here!!!"

Anyway during that period of time (major "dark cloud over my head" period), there was this company which I interviewed for and was then offered the position via e-mail. The HR later called me and asked me to provide them the necessary documents etc. I was asked to wait while they process my offer package. Of course I was so ecstatic because I thought that's the end of the dry job hunting spell. Moreover this is a huge MNC company which tend to be more attractive.

A week later, they contacted me and told me that there was a change in headcounts for that department, thus they had to retract the job offer. Could you imagine the huge disappointment I had?

"Why does this happen to me?"

Then yesterday, the HR from this company called me out of the blue and asked me whether I was still interested to take up the job..... after almost a year since the incident! Their headcounts must have been freed up... or someone must have quit his/her job creating an opening. After considering for a while, I told them that I was happy with my current company and did not intend to change for the time being.

Funny how life plays you sometimes. When you really wanted something at that very time, you usually would not get them. For my case, it felt as if I got it and then it slipped through my fingers. I guess that type of feeling is more frustrating that not getting it at all. And when they come, it's usually not at the right time.

Where do you want to go?
Different choices, different paths

Anyhow looking back, every choice that we made will create a new path towards a new journey. I made a wrong choice last time by joining the "hell hole" which turned my career topsy turvy for a while, but I am happy with where I ended up now. This may change in time to come (well, all things, good or bad are impermanent..) but until then, I intend to enjoy whatever that I have now.

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