Friday, July 29, 2011

Quit too soon

My insurance agent's Facebook post struck me very hard today. She posted "Most people quit too soon because they are impatient for success".

That message was like hitting the nail on its head, although I am not in the insurance line.

You see, I am feeling rather stagnant in my job lately. It's like I am doing my boss's job & was implied that I am ready to go to the next level of my career. However there is no such opening available until some people leave or when there are some new re-structuring. So I am pretty much stuck.

So am I unhappy with my job? The answer is No. What I am unhappy with however, is that I need to do somebody else's job as well & they reaping the credit for it. Moreover the rewards for me in doing all these extras seems practically non existent as compared to those who do much less.

So the thought of greener pastures did cross my mind.

Then the FB post reinforced what I have been thinking... perhaps I should wait a little longer. I have slowly sown the seeds, so there need to be a waiting time for them to grow. It would be a waste if I throw them away now.

Yeah... I'll wait.

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