Tuesday, July 31, 2007


In my course of work, I am also expected to provide 24 hours On-call support to my company's clients. In fact all the engineers are needed to take up this "heavy" responsibility for a week in every month.

There will be 2 people on duty every week - 1 primary and 1 secondary. The primary will serve as the main contact while the secondary is as a backup in case the primary could not take the calls or if there are just too many calls that come in.

When it's our turn, we are provided with a pager and an on-call cellphone each.

So this week it's my turn as the secondary. Prior to this job, I have never touched a pager in my life... so it is really funny cos I have no idea how to operate it. Anyhow doing on-call support can be rather stressful. Thank goodness we usually do not get much calls ... that must be a good reflection of the quality of our applications, eh? Even so, we all have this phobia that the pager will beep. I once was playing around with my pager and accidently made it beeped. I could hear the whole office practically "panicked" in unison, hehe.

Well the good thing is, for the stress we need to go through for this task, we are given an allowance. So most of the time the allowance is easily earned as there isn't any calls. I am praying that my allowance for this week is another easily earned one.... keeping my fingers crossed!

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