Sunday, July 15, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Managed to catch "Die Hard 4.0" at GSC 1U yesterday. Initially wanted to watch either "Transformers" or "Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix" but all sessions for all cineplexes were practically sold out! So I guess I would have to wait for another week or two before the watching frenzy for these 2 movies cool down.

Anyhow I was not disappointed at all with "Die Hard 4.0". It really lived up to the title. Basically Bruce Willis's character really find it hard to die in the movie. He's like this super human who was still full of energy even though he didn't sleep and had been involved in so many fights and car crashes which left his whole body bloodied. He could still go on and on and know, like the "Duracell" advertisement.

Aside from that, the action packed sequences and special effects really put me at the edge of my seat... and kept the adrenaline pumping. There isn't a dull moment in the's action after action with no interval..very much alike the previous Die Hard's offerings. This time it dealt with cyber terrorism which tend to make you imagine how the world would be like if this really happens as our lives are already so governed by technology. Although the movie still runs on the same Die Hard's formula, it still worked for me! Highly recommended!

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