Sunday, July 1, 2007

In God's Hands

I came across the song "In God's Hands" by Nelly Furtado from a friend's blog. She broke up with her boyfriend a while back and dedicated that song to him.

When I listened to the song, I was so deeply touched by the lyrics. I guess in one way or another in our lives, we have had that. We have "been there, done that".

Relationships often started out sweet and heavenly but as time goes by, things may change. Expectations and directions may become different....and the relationship became a task, a chore. When either party gives up, that is when "our love floating out the window, our love floating out the back door, our love floating up in the sky... in heaven where it began...back in God's hands."

To my friend B, no... it doesn't mean that the song brought bigger impact than your blog posting. It actually complemented the message you were putting through.... and brought out the emotions in your readers....well at least in me! That was how we were able to relate. Give yourself more time....cos like the rest of us, you will move on too.

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