Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why so jam one???

When I drove to work this morning, the traffic was so smooth. No jam at LDP at all.... and as I was just driving and listening to the radio, a thought struck my mind.

Whenever I got stuck in a jam, I would always question agitatedly in my mind "why so jam one???". It's as if that traffic jams shouldn't be happening....therefore I should be agitated with LDP, the government or the P licensed driver in front of me. "Hello!!! you are in Klang Valley, what do you expect??!!"

So when this morning's commute was flawless, there wasn't a tinge of appreciation until the thought struck me. I then wondered, do I usually take for granted the things that are going on smoothly for me? Do I only concentrate my mental energy on the negativities in life?

Well, I hope tomorrow when I get stuck in the famous LDP jam to work, I won't be asking "why so jam one???" and waste my valuable mental energy stressing myself out. What about you? Are you going to curse the traffic tomorrow??

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