Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Downloading YouTube

This question may be a little bit outdated but do you know that you can download videos from YouTube?? Well my colleague taught me this some time ago, and I thought I will share it here.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube page that you want to download. Then copy the URL from the Address Bar.

Step 2: Go to VideoDownloader site (here) and select "YouTube" from the drop down list. Then paste the YouTube video's URL that you copied earlier to the "Download from YouTube" field in VideoDownloader page.

Step 3: Click the [Download] button. There will be some loading going on and another button [Download Link] will appear. Right click on this [Download Link] button and select "Save Target As..".

After a short while, the "Save As" window will appear. At the "Save As" window, select the location to save your file, name your file with the extension ".flv" (i.e. flash video format). Then click the "Save" button to save.

Step 4: Now you have already saved the Flash video. You can use VLC Player to play the .flv files. This player also plays the other video format such as .avi or .wmv. If you still insist on playing the file using Windows Media Player, you will need to convert the .flv file to .avi. You can use Freez FLV to AVI converter for that purpose.


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