Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Boss, Bad Boss

On my way back last night, I talked to an ex-colleague who has recently resigned from my previous company. There seemed to be quite a number of resignations in that company for the last few months.

While talking to him, my thoughts went from my previous boss to all other bosses that I have worked with before. In my whole 12 years of working, I have indeed came across many different types of bosses. Some of them I rather forget; and some who will stay in my "Respected" list for a long long time.

So what contributes to good bosses and bad bosses? To me, these are the list of characteristics:

Good Boss

  • Has a clear objective and goals in mind
  • Calm and collective
  • Provides clear and concise instructions and guidance
  • Asks and takes into consideration of your opinions
  • Motivates and inspires you
  • Provides good working environment
  • Understands your strengths and weaknesses... and develops you into a better person, a better employee
  • Sees and respects you as part of the team...and as a human being
  • Looks after your welfare in the company
  • Show genuine interest in developing your career path
  • Treats you as an asset of the company

Bad Boss

  • Paranoid and oversensitive
  • Thinks intimidation is the best way to lead a team
  • Does not know what he/she actually wants
  • Thinks that if the company is paying you, then the company owns you
  • Creates unnecessary office politics to hide own insecurities
  • Take things personally... and make things hard for you just to get back at you
  • Gives empty promises
  • Does not give shit to what you have to say...just do as what he/she "ordered"
  • Thinks that they know everything; and that the people reporting to them are idiots
  • Treats you as a highly dispensable item in the company... and constantly reminding you of that if you ever challenge him/her in anyway

I am sure the list goes on and on...especially on the bad boss side. You have anything to add?

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