Saturday, July 28, 2007


After 3-4 weeks since the movie was first shown here, I finally managed to get the tickets! I have heard so much rave reviews about it that I thought I would be disappointed as I have formed this very high expectation of the movie.

Well, the first 3 minutes of the show was very disappointing, not because of the movie but rather because the cineplex forgot that screen display should come together with sound! After the sound came back on, the journey was phenomenal.....

I never watched any Transformers cartoons in the past. I think they became famous only after I grew out of my cartoon watching habit. So I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea what transformers were all about...except that they could transform from being an automobile to a robot and vice versa. Well with the newer toy versions, they can change into dinosaurs as well!

So after the movie, I am a bit more "Transformers literate". It's again all about Good guys vs Bad guys. The good guys were the Autobots and their leader was called Optimus Prime. As for the bad guys, they were called the Decepticons with Megatron as their leader. As usual, the bad guys will always beat the crap out of the good guys, but eventually good shall prevails over evil.

The special effects were great... I thought the acting by the supporting acts (i.e. the human actors) were great too! After the movie, I started to think that I should treat my car better. You'll never know, my Inokom Matrix may turn out to be one of the Autobots that are still around looking after us.....

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