Friday, July 6, 2007

My Cubicle

I got the inspiration to do a blog about my cubicle after reading my friend, Jessy's blog. You see, we often IM'ed each other and have chatted about our working space. As what people usually say, a picture paints a thousand words. As I got to see her cubicle from her blog, I thought I will do a tribute to mine too!

I really love the ample space. Looks pretty neat now, right? Well definitely have to do some housekeeping la before taking the picture!

When my colleagues travelled to overseas, they would get us souvenir keychains. So I hang them at my cubicle. After all, how many keychains would 1 person possibly need, right? I also put up a card from Fitness First (my gym) to remind me to go gym often. doesn't work.

This is supposed to be a wrist rest when using the mouse. I do not use it for that purpose though. It's more like a stress reliever to me as I would squeeze it whenever I feel tensed. It is also the most "sexually harrassed" item in my whole office (I think). Not by me, mind you! By my colleagues! They like to squeeze, poke, place it in compromising positions, etc etc....whatever your mind could imagine. My poor poor hippo.

I do like my cubicle....mmm.....maybe except for the chair. Been having stiff neck for a long time now and I am determined to blame it on the chair.

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