Saturday, July 13, 2013

Apprentice Asia

The first Apprentice Asia is down to final 4 and I wonder who will get fired next.

I have watched US Apprentice before, but nothing felt closer to home than Apprentice Asia. After all, we do say that different countries/continents have different working cultures, right? ... and so I thought.

Going through the episodes of Apprentice Asia reminded me of all the previous Apprentice US that I have watched before. It is practically the same format with all these big shots looking for the same quality kind of person.... the quality of scheming & back stabbing others to get to the top.

Yes, I know this sounds pretty dumb coming from someone who has worked more than a decade, but are these really the "qualities" that qualify people to hold high positions? Perhaps that's why I am still not at that level.

In all episodes, the contestants would work together on a task. I felt that throughout their tasks, they just made sure that they are "loud"... making noise for that sake without giving any real contribution. Oh and of course to lookout for any other's mistakes as well so that they can load up their artillery for the boardroom as it is all about attack & defense there. Yes, survival... but ruthless, right? Team work my foot!

Looking back on one of the earlier episodes of Apprentice Asia, the Thai lady quit because she couldn't stand the level of bickering & back stabbing within the team. I think I would have done the same if I am in her position. I am too, someone who is not "cut out" for all these scheming & back stabbing for the quest to go to the top.

Yeah, guess I am pretty much a loser... but at least I could sleep better at night.

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