Thursday, July 4, 2013


Don't you get so irritated sometimes when you see these people holding up traffic because they got stuck either at the Touch 'n Go or Smart Tag lanes of the toll booths?

There are many of such incidences at LDP, the highway that I use regularly to and from work. I often cursed these people and thought that they must be morons for not understanding the huge "Touch n Go Only" or "Smart Tag" signs. 

Looking back, I actually posted something about this here, and that was in 2007. From then until now, I must have cursed thousands if not millions of people.

........Today, the table turned.

I was the one who got cursed....probably for 7 generations. 

I got myself stuck at the Smart Tag lane and it was not because I couldn't read the sign. I have a smart tag with me, just that it chose not to work on this fateful day. No, no... it wasn't the battery.

I think I am going to have phobia passing through the Smart Tag lane tomorrow morning. Please do not fail me once again!!... I do not want to be cursed and called a moron again.

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