Monday, July 15, 2013

My paintings

I believe buying paintings really depend on "yuan fen"(缘分) which means afinity. I remember how I was walking around the art centers at Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok last year to get some paintings for my new house, but nothing attracted me until I saw this shop by artist Kanisorn.

The painting of a little monk with red background immediately captured my heart and I knew I had to have it. I bought 3 paintings i.e. of a little thai monk, a little chinese monk and a little western monk. They are on my dining room's wall and I love them so much. Looking at them bring me so much peace.

Recently I was looking around for some more paintings, especially one to put on my shoe cabinet that faces the main door. I wanted to get one with red background to match my 3 little monks. Anyhow it wasn't easy as "yuan fen" wasn't there.

Then one fine weekend, I received some whatsapp's messages from my colleague who has gone back to her hometown, Malacca. She knew I was looking for a painting and as she happened to be in this art shop called Titi Art Gallery, she snapped some pictures and sent me.

I was driving during that time, so I quickly scanned through the images she sent and suddenly, "yuan fen" was there. The goldfish painting on the top right hand corner of the 2nd picture above caught my eye.

I called my colleague who was still in the shop, told her that I wanted a bigger size of the goldfish painting and with 9 fish (1 fish being black). Yeah... that's for feng shui. :) Proceeded to place my order and 2 weeks later, I received it.

It is on my shoe cabinet facing my main door now to welcome all the good fortunes into my home. Hahaha... really love the cute round goldfish, and it really jive with the theme of my home.

Here's a picture of the painting with the artist, Titi Kwok. I told my colleague to specifically snap a picture of him when she went to collect the painting for me.

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