Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stylish Parasite

Gan got his new pair of glasses today and it is not at all what you would consider as "normal" glasses. He got a Parasite, a french designed frame which is really stylish and innovative.

Some models of Parasite

The innovation is on the frame's arm. Instead of the usual one which goes around your ears and hold the glasses in place, Parasite has this double arms that wrap around the upper cranium, resting just above and below the temple.

Model.. not Gan

According to its website: "The 4 points of holding prevent the frame both from horizontal and vertical movements. One never has had this feeling of ‘hardly’ wearing glasses, since one does precisely not wear them: they hold by themselves. This comfort is due to the frame’s pliant material, and to the possibility to adjust the glasses to the each bearer’s specific morphology."

Well... not true! Gan had to hold his head very still as any sudden movement would send the glasses flying.

We had dinner at this Thai restaurant and as I was enjoying my Phad Thai, Gan suddenly shouted "Sh*t!!!". When I looked up, I saw his glasses swimming in his Duck Stew Noodle. I couldn't help laughing!! He said it's so cruel to laugh... and feeling guilty, I took his new glasses to the toilet and wash them for him.

Well... style doesn't always go with functionality. For the price he paid for them (RM2K plus in total), this is certainly a blood sucking parasite!

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