Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stuffed like a turkey

Went to an ex-colleague's Christmas open house just now. Come to think of it, that was either my first Christmas open house or I have not attended one for a very very very long time until I couldn't recall any.

I didn't mind that we were invited as DBKL to clear off the leftovers from her earlier session with family and relatives. Hey... food is food, you invite and I will surely come! Hahaha...

As far as I could remember, I have never tasted turkey in my life until today! I was told that turkey usually doesn't taste much due to their texture. However I found my colleague's turkey (well, she bought it from some restaurant) tasted great. I even liked the texture. Hmm.. could also be because it was a very late lunch (3pm) and I was already so damn hungry!

Carved Turkey


Mashed sweet potatoes

Salad with olive dip

I stuffed myself with so much food and now, I am feeling a bit sick. I doubt I will be eating my dinner (which I packed on my way home) anytime soon.... errghhhh.....

Anyhow may this Christmas brings the world better joy and peace...


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