Monday, December 3, 2007

Bloody 'Suei'

'Suei' in chinese means bad luck.. and I am bloody 'suei' last week and even till this morning.

Got a page at 3am today to support a case. 3am!! Was handling that until 6 something. Thought I better not go to sleep as I would probably not wake up until noon. Had to come to the office to do the most important thing for today... i.e. to pass over the pager to someone else! Well..also to return the support laptop la as we share this. Later when my boss gets in, I am going to ask for a day off. The stress really got to me.

I think I should get some pomelo leaves, soak them into water and bathe in them to 'buang suei' (throw away the bad luck).

Pomelo Leaf

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