Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fish Tank Maintenance

Maintaining a simple fish tank doesn't have to take so much time and effort. For my tank, I usually do it once a week and it doesn't take me more than 30 minutes each time.

I have this covered big pail to keep the tap water for a few days before I use it for my tank. So on the maintenance day, I will take the water out and put it into a smaller clean pail which is never used with any detergent. This is to avoid any harmful residue seeping into the water.

I will add in a capful of anti-chlorine and 2 spoonful of tank conditioner salt. Apparently adding the salt (not those that you use for cooking, please!) will help to avoid some common fish diseases such as ick and fungus. I let the water sit while I go empty part of my tank.

Tank Conditioner SaltI will turn off the filter and then using the siphon, I take out part of the tank's water with the fish wastes accumulated at the bottom of the tank.

SiphonDo not empty the whole tank as you need those beneficial bacteria to remain!! I usually will only take half of the water away.

Half tankNext I will wash the filter with running tap water before putting them back.

Then it's the time to replenish the water. I use a scoop to add in the "new" water by pouring them onto the roof of my Japanese lantern tank decoration. This is so that the gravel is not stirred up by the incoming water.

Replenishing waterThen I turn on my filter and DONE!

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