Saturday, December 8, 2007

Header image screwed up

I was playing around with changing my blog's header image and found something wrong. Whatever image that I uploaded as the header image would turned out either distorted or with bad resolution. Although I used back my original header image (the one which was working before), I still faced the same problem. Look at the cropped screenshots below to see what I mean.

Original image:


After uploaded to Blogger:

Bad ResolutionInitially I thought it could be the problem with my jpegs but after looking it up on Blogger Help, I realised it's a recent abnormal behavior encountered by bloggers whenever they change their header images. Check out the discussion on this here. No solution for this problem yet.

I really hated the way it looked, so I experimented with a few other image files that I have. I discovered that when the file's width is 300 pixels and below, it would display nicely. Hence a new header for my blog.. Looks okay right?

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