Sunday, December 9, 2007

Specs Hunting

As the year is drawing to its end, many would start making sure that whatever fringe benefits given by their companies are fully utilised. I am no different. My company gives us optical allowance up to a certain limit and I will usually make full use of such benefit. In my opinion, no sane four-eyed people would give this a pass.

So off I went in search for my new pair of specs in 1U. Saw a lot of patrons in this shop, Sunglass & Vision World. When there are a lot of people, it usually means the things are really good or really cheap, right? Indeed it was for this case as the shop has a lot of varieties for frames. There were also some on-going promotions of RM168 and RM198 for frames plus normal lenses.

So many varieties!If you wear specs and want to change to a new pair, what would you look for? I for one, would go for something different from what I am currently wearing and have previously worn. It's like what's the point of changing your specs and no one notices, right? I won't want to keep asking people "Hey, you see anything different with me?" and do the serial winking thingy to bring their attention to my specs.

So anyway, it's not easy finding something different as I have changed many pairs before. Another factor that I consider is the price too.. as I would not want to pay much more than the allowance given.

SpecsAfter what felt like an eternity, I finally made my choice. I chose a frame from the RM198 bundle and it's a brown coloured metal semi rimless frame, definitely different from what I have worn before. As my "power" was rather high and had become higher since last year, I had to go for multicoated, high indexed lenses so that they won't be too thick. All these came with additional charges and the total added up to RM580. I need to top up a bit as my allowance is less than that. Anyhow this is the normal price range for the specs that I can afford.

More specs!My new specs will be ready in 3 days time. Am rather excited thinking about it. Wonder how it will change this nerdy look....

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