Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heaven Knows

Wow...it's been such a long time since I listen to this song by Rick Price. It was one of my favourites during my undergrad years. I still remember the sudden rush of feelings that came over me one time when listening to this song then.

During study week, we all loved to study in the library. Everyone would go to the library early to get our favourite cubicles in which we would spend almost the whole day doing our studies.. and chatting (or rather whispering). When lunch time came, we would wait for each other at the walkway called "Penang Road" outside of the library.

So on this particular day, I got fed up with studying and came out early to wait for my other coursemates. As it was still a bit early for lunch, Penang Road was rather empty. I put on the earphones of my walkman (CD players were still very new and expensive; and mp3 players were still unheard of then) and tuned to a radio station.

Then "Heaven Knows" came on air and at the very same instance, a gush of wind blew onto my face... sending a rush of intense emotions into me. Dramatic eh? Yeah..and I still remember that till this day.

Anyhow, it's fun thinking back on those good ole days. Really miss the life and friends I have then. Things seemed so much simpler and nicer. "Heaven Knows" reminds me of them.

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