Monday, November 12, 2007

Cup Cover Devil

After my incident with the lizard, I was on constant lookout for a nice mug cover. Last weekend, I saw an interesting one at Action City in The Gardens.

Plastic bag

Cute plastic bag from Action City

The one that caught my eyes is called the Cup Cover Devil. It's a piece of rubber with the face of a cute devil and has this huge protruding nose.

Cup Cover packaging The way it functions also fascinates me. Just put the cup cover over the mug.

Cup Cover on Mug Then press the nose down and this will achieve an air-tight sealing.

Air tight sealingI am so tempted to try this out with a full mug over a lucky colleague's head.. Hmm..maybe one of these days I will..... muahahahaha

To remove the cover, just peel it from the side.

Cute and convenient!!... for the price of RM9.80.

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