Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I almost have 2 pugs

I collected Axel back from his vacation 2 days ago. Well apparently this time around, the slimming spa (aka Gan's home) was not so effective. Axel did not slim down even a tiny bit. I noticed there were quite a number of snacks for him there, and suspected his diet was probably down the drain. I guess many still fell for his sad, cute face...

Anyway, I went and got a weigh from Tesco. Put Axel on it... yes, it was indeed a task getting his big bum onto the small weigh. After a few attempts, I succeeded!

Axel on a weigh Weigh readingHe's 15kg!!!

I have this very good book on pugs that I bought when I first got Axel. It's called "The Pug Handbook" by Brenda Belmonte. I searched it for a pug's ideal weight. The book says 8-9.1kg. So Axel is almost equivalent to 2 pugs!!

AxelThis calls for an intervention! I have to cut down on his food somemore and 100% no more treats!! Hmm... I read that baby carrots are healthy substitute for treats, so I guess I will have to get those for him.

Sigh....Fatty fatty....

This is Axel the pug, not Axel the pig

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