Sunday, November 25, 2007

CRV Stolen!

My 2nd sister's new Honda CRV was stolen from her gated porch early yesterday morning. The thieves opened her automated gate, took the SUV out and closed the gate back.

My sister woke up in the morning and as usual did her chores around the house. Then she looked at the porch and discovered that her SUV was not there. Initially she thought my brother in law could have taken it out; only to discover that he was still in bed.

When they made the police report, they found out that there were already many cases where new Honda CRVs were stolen from their owners. Guess it must be one of the hottest cars around.

CRV gone!My poor sister. She has been running into some unpleasant situations since buying this car. First was that the new car got banged from behind not long after she got it. Then her handphone got snatched in the pasar malam... and now this.

Anyhow, thank goodness she's not hurt in any of these incidents. One's well being is always of the utmost importance as money can be earned back, and handphone and car can be bought back.

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