Saturday, November 3, 2007

A visit to The Lost City

I visited the Lost City today, and left the place feeling totally lost. I was like "Huh...what just happened??".

"The Lost City" exhibition is being held in Summit Square from the 8th Oct - 31st Dec 07. After my gym session in the same building, I decided to pay this place a visit. After all, it's a Saturday and I didn't have much to do.

From outside, it looked pretty interesting. Adult entrance fee=RM22/person.

EntranceTicketing CounterUpon entering, I was led to the auditorium for a video show on lost cities. The whole auditorium was empty except for me... so I got to sit right in the middle for the best view. It felt rather creepy though, reminded me of this horror movie where this guy sat in an empty cinema and in the middle of the show discovered that he was not "alone"...

After the video show, I was led down to this small space where some artifacts were exhibited. The lady explained to me the different artifacts and we covered all of them in 5 minutes. was THAT small! Apparently those were real artifacts borrowed from their owners for this exhibition.

Some of the exhibits:

All these artifacts are in the first section of the exhibition. The second section is inside the "God of Death" (in Mayan culture).

God of DeathThere were a few rooms in this section supposedly with special effects. However they screwed up somewhere cos when I got in, most of the rooms were not working. After the fourth or fifth room, I came to the exit. It was such an abrupt ending!

Anyhow, I didn't think whatever they had there reflected any lost cities. It's very much like they just put up some display, turn on some lights and sound effects, and then call it an exhibition. Didn't feel like it was done professionally at all.

To me, this exhibition is like a lost city itself. Empty... and dead.

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