Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby's Daily Activities

I am not a parent, least not to a human baby. So I may miss out a lot of things in this post. Please do enlighten me...

My take on a baby's daily activities:

Crybaby 1) Cry when hungry, scared, uncomfortable, frustrated or for no apparent reason.

Taking milk2) Get fed. Other uninvolved people may not be around to distract from feeding time. Else, cry and refuse to drink.

Burp..3) Get burped and if not done properly, throw up milk. Take own sweet time for milk to slowly go down.

Cute baby4) Be cute, salivate but only allow selected people to come near. If those unselected ones come near, do the crybaby face...

5) Get sleepy anytime, anywhere. Cry if condition is not ideal for sleeping. If not entertained, sleep anyway.

6) Pee pee and poo poo. New technology diapers will handle the job very well. If not, cry...
*Pic not included due to kind consideration for readers*

Model: My niece

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