Thursday, November 8, 2007

Feng Shui and Fish Tank

Feng Shui when direct translated means Wind and Water. It is an ancient Chinese art of correct placements for furnishings and decor. The practice is based on methods for retaining the positive energy “Qi” which is said to be beneficial for well being. Wind is the force which removes the "Qi" while water promotes the retention of the energy.

I am not exactly a feng shui practitioner. I take the approach of if I can follow it, then I will do it... but if it requires a lot of effort and money, then I will just ignore and hope for the best.

Anyway in my recent interest in setting up a fish tank in my apartment, I thought I will do some references to find out what feng shui has to say about having a fish tank at home.

Well...apparently water features such as fountains or fish tanks when placed correctly can bring wealth and abundance. Oh...I definitely am desperate for those!!!

Some of the feng shui guidelines from the net:

  • The best locations for placing the fish tank is in the North wall or along the South East wall.
  • When you stand at the main entrance facing out, the fish tank should preferably not be placed on the right side of the home (interior)
  • Avoid placing a fish tank in any bedroom or in the kitchen. Generally, it should be placed in the living or sitting room.
  • The fish tank must not be at the centre of the home.
  • The best shape for a fish tank is rectangular or round. Avoid a triangular fish tank as it represents the fire element. (fire is incompatible with water).
  • For the leg stand of the fish tank, one advice is to paint them in the colour of the location. For example, if the fish tank is at the East wall, it can be green/dark green. If it is at the North, the stand can be black/grey/blue. If it is at the west, it can be white or gold.
  • Best to keep 1, 4, 6 or 9 fish.

Based on these guidelines, I have an idea on where is the best location for my tank. It will have to be next to my couch as it is the North wall and there is a power point there.

Oh, I also read that if within 4 months since putting your fish tank in that location and things go from bad to worse, then it's time to move it!

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