Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fish Tank Resurrected

Got my fish tank set up during the weekend.

Lets see how much I have spent on this so far:

  • Tank: RM0 (old tank)
  • Silicone Sealant: RM7.50
  • Lamp: RM0 (old lamp)
  • Metal Stand: RM50
  • HOB Filter: RM35
  • Anti-chlorine: RM1
  • Gravel(5kg): RM17.50
  • Backdrop: RM6
  • Fish Food: RM6
  • Decor: RM16
  • Goldfish: RM3

    TOTAL: RM142
The result:

Fish Tank
DecorCurrently I have only 1 goldfish in there. Slowly I will add more to accompany it. My target is to have 4 goldfish.

Gold FishSo far am loving it!! I find the sound of running water really soothing.

Now, I am going to sit back and wait for wealth and abundance to come in ... ;-p

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