Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fish Tank Resurrection

Yes, I have finally decided to resurrect my fish tank. After being influenced by my fish nut colleague whom I "converted" last time, I am going to start up my empty tank again.

You see, I was a fish nut long time ago and was responsible in introducing this hobby to my colleague who went on to become a major nut.

Me on the other hand, stopped fishkeeping after moving to my apartment. I kept hamsters in the tank instead.

Hamster tank
HamsterAfter my hamsters died, the tank was just left sitting in my study room.

So a week ago, I bought the silicone sealant to reseal the corners of the tank as most of them were already bitten off by my hamsters last time.

Glass SealantI procrastinated in doing the sealing until a few days ago. It's not easy at all to carry out this task. You have to press the sealant tube with consistent pressure as you move along the corners. I did a very lousy job on this one. I now have new respect for those people who make fish tanks for a living.

Then I left it to dry for a day or two before putting it through a "leak test". So currently it is sitting in my bathroom while I monitor the water level. I guess tomorrow I will know whether this tank is fit enough for me to proceed.

Leak TestIf it is, my next step is to get the stand, filter and gravel; and set up the tank before welcoming the fish.

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