Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Causing a Commotion

As many of my colleagues were still on leaves for the Hari Raya, the office was terribly quiet today.

As usual when tea-time came, I decided to go to the pantry to make myself a drink - green tea to be exact. So I reached for my mug and was about to walk out of my cubicle when I glanced into my mug and discovered a lizard there!


*Not the actual culprit*

I really really hate reptiles and upon seeing that horrendous thing all curled up at one corner of my mug, I lost total control. I screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" so loudly and threw my mug away from me. Didn't expect that putting a picture of drag queens in my previous post would actually turn me into one!



Thank goodness my mug landed on my table and didn't get broken.


"The actual mug"

Many of my colleagues came to see what happened and I was so embarrassed to cause such a commotion, but I guess they appreciated the distraction. One of them actually helped to get rid of the lizard.

I will have to live with the embarrassment and my colleagues' teasings for a while... but I am sure I will be able to move on one day. ;-p

2 lessons I learned today:

  1. Always wash your mug before you go back. I think the Milo residue left in my mug attracted the lizard.
  2. Always remember to hold on to every drop of your masculinity(or what is left of it) even in unexpected circumstances.

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