Sunday, October 21, 2007

I want to be cuddled

My pug loves to be cuddled. Whenever I lie down on my couch, Axel would come over and "demand" to go up the couch and be cuddled. He would either start to jump onto the couch or he would sit in front of me and just stare.

When I felt like being a good daddy, I would take him up and cuddle him... i.e. when he's still smelling nice and clean. Axel would fall asleep in my arms as I doze off.

Today as we were doing that, I saw his cute face and my camera was at arm's length, so I couldn't resist taking some upclose pictures. Isn't he cute??

Sleeping Pug
Half awake pug
Wide eyed pug
Wide awake
You looking at me?

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