Friday, October 26, 2007

Qiang Qiang (蔷蔷)

I first heard this song on the radio and although my mandarin sucks, I could understand bits and pieces of the lyrics. I think if you are a pet lover, you will definitely be touched by the song.

This song is sung by Ella of the very famous Taiwanese trio, S.H.E. It is titled Qiang Qiang (蔷蔷) after the name of her pug which has passed away.

I saw the EP for this song in Speedy Video store, IOI mall just now but thought that I would download the song instead of getting it. Then I got to know from the net that the sales from this EP will go to Help Save A Pet Fund, Taiwan. I am so going to buy this EP tomorrow.

I surfed the net for the translation of the lyrics and indeed, it is really touching. Made me held Axel so tightly that my poor baby wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

Pets do grow in us and become a part of our lives. Watch this video and look at the lyrics, see whether you feel the same too....

The chinese lyrics along with the translation:

I still remember you liked to nip at my hand
and then give me the ball in your mouth
asking me to play catch with you
You liked it when I touched your little ear
and you liked to snuggle up to me
With no worries
you roamed through your dreams
好狗狗 好狗狗
Good doggie , good doggie
Thank you for accompanying mommy for so long
You most certainly have not left me
You just moved to heaven to live
薔薔 妳要記得我
Qiang qiang, you need to remember me
Do not get lost
Hurry up and find your angel
and bless me from heaven
薔薔 不要忘了我
Qiang qiang, do not forget me
And all the dear aunties, uncles, and your friends
You will live forever in our memories
薔薔 謝謝妳
Qiang qiang, thank you

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