Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guilty as charged!

Woke up this morning around 7.30am to feed Axel. Then I left Axel to roam free and went back to sleep until 10.00am.

When I got up again and walked to the living room, I saw a familiar yellow patch behind my couch. On nearer inspection, it was Axel's way of saying "This is my territory. All other dogs please stay away". The thing is, there is no other dog in my household!...well not unless you wanna call me a bitch!

So I looked at him and screamed "WHY YOU PEE PEE HEREEEEEEEEEEE??!!!". Axel dashed into his kennel (He has this delusion that I can't get him when he is in his kennel) and gave me his "guilty as charged" and "please forgive me" looks.

I'm sorry
Am I grounded?
Please forgive me

He got grounded in his kennel for a while before I allowed him to come out again. Naughty boy!

His recent constant marking of territory really made me consider of neutering him. Should I turn my son into a eunuch??

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