Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I DO NOT want that!!!

I had dinner with JW just now. In our "vast" topics of conversation from her condo renovation to stories about our dogs, she shared with me on her frustrations in organizing a dinner to celebrate someone's birthday. There were the complaints and laments on the food or the location of any venues that were suggested.

As she was talking, I couldn't help smiling. Reason was because for us to be in "Ah Tuan Ee" having our dinner took such a long time cos we couldn't decide on where to eat. We have walked from the Curve to Cineleisure and back to the Curve hoping to find an inspiration to where we should be eating! Someone would suggest a place and the other would say how lousy the food was or how expensive that place could be. Hmm...come to think of it, I think JW did most of the suggesting and I did most of the protesting. Hehehe... Sorry, JW!!

I don't think I am alone on this. We faced this problem almost everyday when my colleagues and I went out for lunch. So nowadays to avoid the headache, whoever's driving would decide and the rest would just follow.

I guess most of us find it easier to identify the things that we DO NOT want; but when it comes to what we really want, we are at lost. Maybe to know what we want, we just have to take the trial-and-error approach. By knowing what we DO NOT want, we can then eliminate most of the options, and hopefully the ONE that we want will be obvious to us. Make sense??.... or just an excuse for being fussy?

Which one?

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