Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is ignorance a bliss?

As I was flipping through the papers at the pantry today, a colleague commented that there were so many bad news. I guess she was referring to the death of Lim Goh Tong, or fondly known as Uncle Lim. Uncle Lim was the 4th richest man in Malaysia. He built his empire by starting Genting Highlands, the only casino resort (well, at least the only legal one) in Malaysia.

Anyway about the bad news... that's how newspapers sell. I remember taking a Mass Comm paper during my undergraduate years and learned that no one wants to read about good news. It's the bad ones that usually garner more interests. Well of course gossips too, but those would be a different type of papers altogether.

I guess that's why I seem to get a bit depressed after reading the papers. Almost let me rephrase, it is EVERYDAY that there would be news on murders, rapes (men, women, kids!), con jobs, robberies, burglaries, gangsterisms, corruptions etc. So many bad news for the papers to sell!!

All these made me wonder on how the country has become. Is there no more law here? Or has law been tainted? Oh..and there were also those cases where the people "up there" gave us the senseless justifications, or twisted and turned those issues to an unrecognisable mess to cover up the whole context of truth. Divert your attention a little bit and you will forget about what the actual gist is. How stupid can we be?

Looking back to when I was younger, the country seemed to be so much better. At least I did not fear so much about my own safety or to be so dissatisfied on how the country was governed. Then again during that time, I didn't read any newspapers or explore other sources (such as blogs) to enable me see all sides of the stories made believed as bed of roses.

I ask myself, have things always been like this?... or was it my ignorance that made me think that things were good?

Is ignorance a bliss?

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

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