Monday, October 15, 2007

Itchy Itchy Fatty

Brought Axel to the vet to check the itchiness on his right eye due to some dry skin. The vet whom we consulted was a young guy, Dr. Yap who was on locum. Apparently Axel was allergic to something that caused the skin problem and also his paws' pads to be red. No wonder he has been licking his paws so much! The vet ran some test from the samples taken from the affected areas to determine whether they were mange. Thank goodness they were not.

Itchy ItchyHe prescribed an eye ointment for the dry skin around Axel's eye, and a medicated shampoo to soak Axel's paws.

MedicationDr. Yap also said that Axel was very fat. Out of the score of 0 to 10, 0 being very thin and 10 being very fat; he said he would give Axel a 9! I thought he exaggerated a little bit but well, he's the doctor.

So I guess I would need to give Axel less food and treats; and more exercise.

Me fat?Poor baby must be very confused on why I didn't give him any treats when he pee'ed in the toilet today.

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