Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tag - 5 Things

I was tagged by homemaker! I have no blardy idea what the game is all about and when I asked homemaker on what I was supposed to do, she was like "I thought you are the longest blogger among us"... made me felt blardy stupid.

Anyway, we live and learn. Apparently blog tagging is a game where a blogger tags another 5 bloggers they know along with 5 things of particular topic/topics. In turn, those who got tagged will continue the game by tagging another 5 bloggers they know (those already tagged by your tagger does not count) and hopefully it will keep spreading... you know like viruses or cancer cells.

Homemaker has been very demanding and insisted that I should continue the tag. Such a pushy mommy but I love her (as a friend, excuse me!) all the same.... ;-p

So here's my tag (and I have modified a topic so that it's more universal)...

5 things found in my room:
I'm listing only decent things here cos my blog is supposed to be of "G (General Audience)" rating.
1) Creative Zen V Plus mp3 player
2) Ikea "Lack" Side Table
3) 1 litre water bottle which is 1 quarter full
4) Some "Mobile World" magazines
5) Axel's (my pug) hair on the floor, side table, bed... everywhere

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
1) To move out of Malaysia. Really hate seeing how it has or rather regressed.
2) If no.1 cannot be earn enough so that I can get a landed property. I am sick of having to smuggle Axel in and out of my apartment.
3) To continue my Japanese classes. Can barely remember what I have learned last time.
4) To resurrect my fish tank.
5) To travel to Europe.

5 things found in my bag:
I don't really bring a bag everywhere I go. So I am going to list down things in my gym bag.
1) My new underwear and a change of clothes
2) My toiletries
3) My headphone
4) A lucky charm bought from "World of Fengshui". This is supposed to protect me from harm. I remember buying this with JM. She bought me one and I bought her one.
5) Some coins

5 things found in my wallet:
1) My IC and driving licence
2) Credit Cards
3) A torn bit of a RM1 note from 25th Feb 1990. My hometown mates and I went for a meal and went dutch. The change we got was RM1 and we decided to split that by tearing the note and each of us keeping a part of it. Don't think they still have theirs though.
4) A RM1 note folded to a love shape given to me by an ex.
5) Some receipts

5 things I’m currently into:
1) Blogging definitely.
2) Reading other people's blogs
3) TV series (Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, ANTM....)
4) Gadgets... have my eyes on HTC Touch Dual.
5) Being a hermit

5 beautiful parent/s to tag:
Parent/s with kids and/or furkids included in no particular order:
1) Shifting Sand
2) Random Thoughts
3) Moments Within
4) Shayang Ummi
5) Babe in the City - KL

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