Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cough Cough

Since coming back from Bangkok, I had sore throat which slowly turned into terrible coughing. At times I felt as if my whole lung would fly out from my mouth. What didn't help was the office's air-con which made the cough even worse. I couldn't even turn on my room's air-con at night because it would cause my throat to go dry and my coughing to go non-stop.

This morning, I woke up as usual (around 7.30am) to feed my dog and felt rather lethargic. After a while, it didn't get any better and I decided to sms my boss that I would be taking MC today. Made myself Milo plus Quacker Oats and watched "Breakfast Show" on NTV7 hosted by Naz and Daphne for a while. I love them by the way. They just have this great chemistry hosting together. In between them talking about today's headlines and their interview with a makeup artist, I fell asleep on my couch.

I woke up but my dog was not in sight. Usually he would be at my feet. Got panicked for a while fearing that he would be marking his territory here and there (well, he recently became a big boy and started to pee here and there when no one was looking). Then I found him snuggled in his kennel.

Continued watching the TV and Martha Stewart came on air. She made some lemon tarts. I never knew how to cook but I do find it fascinating sometimes watching all these cooking programmes. Cooking seemed to be a very systematic and step by step activity and at the end, you get the product. Hmm... I did think of taking up cooking lessons but I am sure the plan will be swept under the carpet along with my plan of taking Thai lessons.

Martha Stewart After that, I went to consult the doctor to get my medicine and MC. Apparently it's a coughing season now as the doctor said "Oh...you got it too!". He prescribed some tablets for sore throat and phlegm; some antibiotics and the whole bottle of cough syrup. Total=RM40. I then had pan mee for lunch and now back at home.

Medicine I wondered, what do people normally do at home when they are on medical leaves? Well..I meant the genuine case of sickness la. I doubt they can sleep all day right? Hmm...for me, I guess I would probably sleep a little, watch a little bit of TV (I don't have Astro!) and surf the net a little.

Hope my cough gets better tomorrow. I wouldn't want my colleagues to avoid me like a plague.

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